A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

Chapter 2 - The basic rules  

Part 2-3 - Importations  

Division 15 - Creditable importations  

15-25   Importations that are partly creditable  

An importation that you make is partly creditable if it is a * creditable importation that you make only partly for a * creditable purpose .

(Repealed by No 176 of 1999)

The amount of the input tax credit on an importation that you make that is * partly creditable is as follows:

Full input tax credit × Extent of creditable purpose


extent of creditable purpose
is the extent to which the importation is for a * creditable purpose , expressed as a percentage of the total purpose of the importation.

full input tax credit
is what would have been the amount of the input tax credit for the importation if it had been made solely for a creditable purpose.


The Commissioner may determine, in writing, one or more ways in which to work out, for the purpose of subsection (3), the extent to which an importation is for a * creditable purpose .

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