A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

Chapter 4 - The special rules  

Part 4-6 - Special rules mainly about tax periods  


The special rules in this Part mainly modify the operation of Part 2-6 , but they may affect other Parts of Chapter 2 in minor ways.

Division 151 - Annual tax periods  

Subdivision 151-B - Consequences of electing to have annual tax periods  

151-50   When payments of assessed net amounts for annual tax periods must be made  


If the * assessed net amount for an * annual tax period applying to you is greater than zero, you must pay the assessed net amount to the Commissioner on or before the day on which, under section 151-45 , you are required to give to the Commissioner your *GST return for the annual tax period.


This section has effect despite section 33-5 (which is about when payments of assessed net amounts must be made).

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