A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

Chapter 6 - Interpreting this Act  

Part 6-2 - Meaning of some important concepts  

Division 188 - Meaning of GST turnover  

188-5   Explanation of the turnover thresholds  

This table specifies the turnover thresholds and indicates how they affect the operation of this Act.

Turnover thresholds
Item This turnover threshold ... Is relevant to working out:
1 Registration turnover threshold whether you are required to be registered (see section 23-5 ).
2 Tax period turnover threshold whether tax periods must be monthly (see section 27-15 ).
3 Cash accounting turnover threshold whether you can elect to account on a cash basis (see section 29-40 )
4 Electronic lodgment turnover threshold whether you must lodge GST returns electronically (see section 31-25 );
whether you must pay amounts of GST electronically (see section 33-10 ).
4AA Small enterprise turnover threshold whether you can choose to apply a simplified accounting method as a small enterprise entity (see section 123-7 )
4A Annual apportionment turnover threshold whether you can make an annual apportionment election (see subsection 131-5(2) )
5 Instalment turnover threshold whether you can elect to pay GST by instalments (see subsection 162-5(2) )

Note 1:

The provisions referred to in the table indicate if the issue in relation to the turnover threshold in question is whether the threshold is met, or whether the threshold is not exceeded.

Note 2:

Items 3, 4A and 5 of the table apply to you only if you do not carry on a business.

Note 3:

This section is an explanatory section.

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