A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

Chapter 3 - The exemptions  

Part 3-1 - Supplies that are not taxable supplies  

Division 40 - Input taxed supplies  

Subdivision 40-F - Fund-raising events conducted by charities etc.  

40-160   Fund-raising events conducted by charities etc.  

A supply is input taxed if:

(a) the supplier is an * endorsed charity , a * gift-deductible entity or a * government school ; and

(b) the supply is made in connection with a * fund-raising event ; and

(c) the supplier chooses to have all supplies that it makes in connection with the event treated as input taxed; and

(d) the event is referred to in the supplier ' s records as an event that is treated as input taxed.

(Repealed by No 169 of 2012)


Subsection (1) does not apply to a supply by a *gift-deductible entity endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (within the meaning of the *ITAA 1997) under section 30-120 of the ITAA 1997, unless:

(a) the supplier is:

(i) an * endorsed charity ; or

(ii) a *government school; or

(iii) a fund, authority or institution of a kind referred to in paragraph 30-125(1)(b) of the ITAA 1997; or

(b) each purpose to which the supply relates is a *gift-deductible purpose of the supplier.


This subsection denies input taxed status under this section to supplies by certain (but not all) gift-deductible entities that are only endorsed for the operation of a fund, authority or institution. However, supplies can be input taxed under this section if they relate to the principal purpose of the fund, authority or institution.

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