A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999

Chapter 4 - The special rules  

Part 4-1 - Special rules mainly about particular ways entities are organised  


The special rules in this Part mainly modify the operation of Part 2-2 so far as that Part deals with liability for GST and entitlement to input tax credits, but the special rules also affect other aspects of Part 2-2 and the other Parts of Chapter 2 .

Division 51 - GST joint ventures  

Subdivision 51-B - Consequences of GST joint ventures  

51-35   Who is entitled to input tax credits  


If the * joint venture operator of a * GST joint venture makes a * creditable acquisition or * creditable importation , on behalf of another entity that is a * participant in the joint venture, in the course of activities for which the joint venture was entered into:

(a) the * joint venture operator is entitled to the input tax credit for the acquisition or importation; and

(b) the participant is not entitled to the input tax credit on the acquisition or importation.

This section has effect despite sections 11-20 and 15-15 (which are about who is entitled to input tax credits).

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