A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax Transition) Act 1999

Part 5 - Special transitional rules  

24B   Commissioner may make determinations relating to rounding  

The Commissioner may determine in writing a way in which amounts of GST for taxable supplies recorded on invoices may be rounded for the purposes of:

(a) subsection 9-90(1) of the GST Act; and

(b) subparagraph 9-90(2)(a)(ii) of the GST Act; and

(c) step 4 in the method statement in subsection 9-90(2) of the GST Act.

However, the determination only applies:

(a) to the entity specified in the determination; and

(b) to taxable supplies attributable under the GST Act to tax periods that end on or before the day specified in the determination.

The entity may round amounts of GST, for the purposes of the provisions referred to in paragraphs (1)(a), (b) and (c):

(a) in the way specified in the determination; or

(b) in the way specified in the provisions referred to in those paragraphs.

The day specified under paragraph (2)(b) must not be later than 30 June 2002.

An entity may apply to the Commissioner in writing for a determination under this section.


Refusing an application for a determination under this section, and making determinations under this section, are reviewable GST transitional decisions (see Subdivision 110-F in Schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 ).

If one or more taxable supplies, none of which are recorded on an invoice, are recorded on a document that is not an invoice, this section applies as if the document were an invoice.

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