A New Tax System (Wine Equalisation Tax) Act 1999

Part 5 - Payments and refunds of wine tax  

Division 21 - Inclusion of wine tax and wine tax credits in net amounts  

Subdivision 21-A - General  

21-15   21-15   Net amounts reduced by amounts of wine tax credits  

Your * net amount for a * tax period is * reduced by the sum of all of the amounts of * wine tax credits (if any) to which you are entitled that arise during that tax period.
Note 1:

This section has the effect of incorporating your entitlement to wine tax credits into the amount of GST that you are liable to pay under Division 33 of the GST Act, or into the amount of refund to which you are entitled under Division 35 of the GST Act.

Note 2:

If you are not registered or required to be registered (and therefore do not have net amounts), you can claim wine tax credits to which you are entitled directly from the Commissioner (see subsection 17-10(2) ).

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