A New Tax System (Wine Equalisation Tax) Act 1999

Part 2 - Wine tax  

Division 9 - Taxable value  

Subdivision 9-B - Notional wholesale selling price  

9-40   9-40   The average wholesale price method  
The notional wholesale selling price for a * retail sale of * grape wine , or for an * AOU connected with retail sales of grape wine, worked out using the average wholesale price method is the weighted average of the * prices (excluding wine tax and * GST ) for * wholesale sales that you have made of grape wine that:

(a) is of the same vintage as the grape wine to which the retail sale or AOU relates; and

(b) is produced from the same grape varieties, or the same blend of grape varieties, as the grape wine to which the retail sale or AOU relates;

during the * tax period in respect of which you are liable to pay wine tax on the retail sale or AOU.


If, during a tax period, you make 70% of wholesale sales of grape wine of a particular vintage and variety at $80 per dozen, and the remaining 30% at $90 per dozen, the weighted average of the wholesale prices for wholesale sales during the tax period is:

[ 70% × $80] + [ 30% × $90] = $83 per dozen

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