A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999


Schedule 1 - Family Tax Benefit Rate Calculator  

Part 2 - Part A rate (Method 1)  

Division 1 - Overall rate calculation process  

5   Family tax benefit advance to individual  



(a) an individual is entitled to be paid family tax benefit by instalment; and

(b) the individual is paid a family tax benefit advance; and

(c) the individual has not repaid the whole of the advance; and

(d) the amount of unrepaid family tax benefit advance is not an FTB advance debt;

then, subject to clauses 44 and 49 , the individual ' s Part A rate (as reduced (if at all) under clauses 38J and 38K ) is to be reduced in accordance with Division 4 of Part 5 (clauses 40 to 51 ).

If an individual satisfies paragraphs (1)(a) to (d) for more than one family tax benefit advance, the individual ' s Part A rate is to be reduced under subclause (1) for each of those advances.

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