Diesel and Alternative Fuels Grants Scheme Act 1999 (Repealed)

Part 3 - Payment of fuel grants  



Despite the provisions of Part 2, you are not entitled to a fuel grant in respect of a grant period unless you make a claim for payment of the grant before 1 December 2003.

The claim:

(a) may relate to all the vehicles in respect of which the entity is entitled to a fuel grant in respect of the grant period in question; and

(b) must be in the approved form; and

(ba) must include such information as is specified in the regulations; and

(c) must be signed by you, unless it is transmitted to the Commissioner in an electronic format approved by the Commissioner and contains your electronic signature.


Section 7 does not, by implication, limit subsection (2) of this section.

However, you cannot make more than one claim under this section, in respect of a grant period, relating to use of the same type of fuel.


The Commissioner may treat a document that purports to be a second or subsequent claim as if it were a request for an amendment made under section 15EA in the approved form. If the Commissioner does this, the document is to be taken not to be a claim.


Despite the provisions of Part 2, if you contravene subsection (3) in relation to a particular grant period, you are not entitled, and are taken never to have been entitled, to a fuel grant in respect of that grant period.


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