Corporations Act 2001



Division 2 - Associates  


15(1)   [ Persons to whom associate reference applies]  

The associate reference includes a reference to:

(a) a person in concert with whom the primary person is acting, or proposes to act; and

(b) a person who, under the regulations, is, for the purposes of the provision in which the associate reference occurs, an associate of the primary person; and

(c) a person with whom the primary person is, or proposes to become, associated, whether formally or informally, in any other way;

in respect of the matter to which the associate reference relates.

15(2)   [ Entering into association]  

If the primary person has entered, or proposes to enter, into a transaction, or has done, or proposes to do, any act or thing, in order to become associated with another person as mentioned in an applicable provision of this Division, the associate reference includes a reference to that other person.

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