Taxation Laws Amendment (Research and Development) Act 2001 (170 of 2001)

Schedule 1   Streamlining amendments

Part 1   Objects provisions

Income Tax Assessment Act 1936

1   Before subsection 73B(1AA)


(1AAA) The object of this section is to provide a tax incentive, in the form of a deduction, to make eligible companies more internationally competitive by:

(a) encouraging the development by eligible companies of innovative products, processes and services; and

(b) increasing investment by eligible companies in defined research and development activities; and

(c) promoting the technological advancement of eligible companies through a focus on innovation or high technical risk in defined research and development activities; and

(d) encouraging the use by eligible companies of strategic research and development planning; and

(e) creating an environment that is conducive to increased commercialisation of new processes and product technologies developed by eligible companies.

The benefits of the tax incentive are targeted by being limited to particular expenditure on certain defined activities.