Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 1 - Introduction  

Division 1 - Preliminary  

SECTION 1-10   Identifying defined terms  

Many of the terms in this Act are defined in the Dictionary in Schedule 1.

Most of the terms that are defined in the Dictionary in Schedule 1 are identified by an asterisk appearing at the start of the term: as in ``*accredited course''. The footnote with the asterisk contains a signpost to the Dictionary.

An asterisk usually identifies the first occurrence of a term in a section (if not divided into subsections), subsection or definition. Later occurrences of the term in the same provision are not usually asterisked.

Terms are not asterisked in headings, notes, examples, explanatory tables, guides, outline provisions or diagrams.

If a term is not identified by an asterisk, disregard that fact in deciding whether or not to apply to that term a definition or other interpretation provision.

The following basic terms used throughout the Act are not identified with an asterisk:

Terms that are not identified
Item This term: is defined in:
1 enrol Schedule 1
2 higher education provider section 16-1
3 student Schedule 1
4 unit of study Schedule 1

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