Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 7 - Miscellaneous  

SECTION 238-10   Guidelines  


The Minister may, by legislative instrument, make Guidelines, specified in the second column of the table, providing for matters:


required or permitted by the corresponding provision (or a term defined in the Dictionary in Schedule 1 that is required for the purposes of the provision) specified in the third column of the table to be provided; or


necessary or convenient to be provided in order to carry out or give effect to that provision.

Item Guidelines Provision
1 Administration Guidelines section 19-37 ; section 33-30 ; section 36-13 ; section 36-21 ; Chapter 5
2 Commonwealth Grant Scheme Guidelines Part 2-2
3 Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines Part 2-4
4 FEE-HELP Guidelines Part 3-3 ; section 128-20
4A (Repealed by No 55 of 2016)
5 HECS-HELP Guidelines Part 3-2
6 Higher Education Provider Guidelines Part 2-1 ; Division 36 ; Subdivision 104-A ; section 110-5 ; Parts 5-1A and 5-1B ; section 169-17
6A Indigenous Student Assistance Grants Guidelines Part 2-2A
7 OS-HELP Guidelines Part 3-4
8 Other Grants Guidelines Part 2-3
8AA Very Remote HELP Debtor Guidelines Part 4-1
8A Overseas Debtors Repayment Guidelines Part 4-2
9 (Repealed by No 93 of 2020)
10 Student Learning Entitlement Guidelines Part 3-1
10A Student Services, Amenities, Representation and Advocacy Guidelines section 19-67
11 (Repealed by No 93 of 2020)


The Minister may, by legislative instrument, make Guidelines, called Guidelines for Overseas Higher Education Providers, specifying additional requirements or conditions applicable to *Table C providers.


The Minister may, by legislative instrument, make Higher Education Provider Guidelines providing for matters required or permitted by the Higher Education Support (HELP Tuition Protection Levy) Act 2019 to be provided by the Higher Education Provider Guidelines. Indexation


Guidelines may provide for the indexation of any or all amounts in the Guidelines, using the method of indexation set out in Part 5-6 .

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