Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 7 - Miscellaneous  

SECTION 238-10   Guidelines  


The Minister may, by legislative instrument, make Guidelines, specified in the second column of the table, providing for matters:

(a) required or permitted by the corresponding Chapter, Part or section specified in the third column of the table to be provided; or

(b) necessary or convenient to be provided in order to carry out or give effect to that Chapter, Part or section.

Item Guidelines Chapter/Part/section
1 Administration Guidelines section 19-37; section 36-21; Chapter 5
2 Commonwealth Grant Scheme Guidelines Part 2-2; section 93-10
3 Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines Part 2-4
4 FEE-HELP Guidelines Part 3-3
4A (Repealed by No 55 of 2016)
5 HECS-HELP Guidelines Part 3-2
6 Higher Education Provider Guidelines Part 2-1; section 104-1; section 169-17
6A Indigenous Student Assistance Grants Guidelines Part 2-2A
7 OS-HELP Guidelines Part 3-4
8 Other Grants Guidelines Part 2-3
8A Overseas Debtors Repayment Guidelines Part 4-2
9 Reduction and Repayment Guidelines Part 2-5
10 (Repealed by No 104 of 2011)
10A Student Services, Amenities, Representation and Advocacy Guidelines section 19-67
11 Tuition Fee Guidelines Part 2-2


The Minister may, by legislative instrument, make Guidelines, called Guidelines for Overseas Higher Education Providers, specifying additional requirements or conditions applicable to *Table C providers. Indexation


Guidelines may provide for the indexation of any or all amounts in the Guidelines, using the method of indexation set out in Part 5-6 .

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