New International Tax Arrangements (Participation Exemption and Other Measures) Act 2004 (96 of 2004)

Schedule 2   Foreign branch income, non-portfolio dividends and listed countries

Part 2   Non-portfolio dividend exemption: main amendments

Income Tax Assessment Act 1936

7   Section 403

Repeal the section, substitute:

403 Additional notional exempt income - unlisted country CFC

If the eligible CFC is a resident of an unlisted country at the end of the eligible period, the notional exempt income of the eligible CFC in relation to the eligible period includes income or profits derived by the eligible CFC in the eligible period in or in connection with carrying on business in a listed country at or through a permanent establishment of the eligible CFC in that listed country, where the income or profits are not eligible designated concession income in relation to any listed country in relation to the eligible period.