Higher Education Legislation Amendment (2007 Measures No. 1) Act 2007 (72 of 2007)

Schedule 1   Approval and accreditation of higher education providers

Higher Education Support Act 2003

46   Before subsection 228-15(1)


(1A) A reference to a person operating , or purporting to operate, in an external Territory:

(a) as a university, or part of a university, providing *courses of study leading to *higher education awards; or

(b) as another provider of courses of study leading to higher education awards;

includes a reference to a person:

(c) offering, providing, or conducting a business of offering or providing:

(i) the whole or a part of such courses of study in relation to that Territory; or

(ii) such awards in relation to that Territory; or

(d) using premises for the purposes of operating as such a provider in relation to that Territory.