Tax Laws Amendment (2007 Measures No. 3) Act 2007 (79 of 2007)

Schedule 7   Interest withholding tax

Income Tax Assessment Act 1936

4   After subsection 128F(3)


(3A) An invitation to become a lender under a syndicated loan facility by a company satisfies the public offer test if the invitation was made:

(a) to at least 10 persons each of whom:

(i) was carrying on a business of providing finance, or investing or dealing in securities, in the course of operating in financial markets; and

(ii) was not known, or suspected, by the company to be an associate (see subsection (9)) of any of the other persons covered by this paragraph; or

(b) publicly in electronic form, or in another form, that was used by financial markets for dealing in debentures or debt interests; or

(c) to a dealer, manager or underwriter, in relation to the placement of debentures or debt interests, who, under an agreement with the company, made the invitation to become a lender under the facility within 30 days in a way covered by paragraph (a) or (b).