Acts Interpretation Amendment Act 2011 (46 of 2011)

Schedule 1   Main amendments

Acts Interpretation Act 1901

22   Sections 13 to 15

Repeal the sections, substitute:

13 Material that is part of an Act

(1) All material from and including the first section of an Act to the end of:

(a) if there are no Schedules to the Act - the last section of the Act; or

(b) if there are one or more Schedules to the Act - the last Schedule to the Act;

is part of the Act.

(2) The following are also part of an Act:

(a) the long title of the Act;

(b) any Preamble to the Act;

(c) the enacting words for the Act;

(d) any heading to a Chapter, Part, Division or Subdivision appearing before the first section of the Act.