Acts Interpretation Amendment Act 2011 (46 of 2011)

Schedule 1   Main amendments

Acts Interpretation Act 1901

75   After section 33


33AA Power to appoint includes power to reappoint

If an Act confers on a person or body a power to make an appointment, the power is taken to include a power of reappointment.

33AB Validity of things done under appointments under Acts

Anything done by or in relation to a person purporting to act under an appointment (including an acting appointment) under an Act is not invalid merely because:

(a) for any appointment - the occasion for the appointment had not arisen; or

(b) for any appointment - there was a defect or irregularity in connection with the appointment; or

(c) for any appointment - the appointment had ceased to have effect; or

(d) for an acting appointment - the occasion to act had not arisen or had ceased.