Higher Education Support Amendment (No. 1) Act 2011 (72 of 2011)

Schedule 1  

Higher Education Support Act 2003

3   At the end of section 16-25


; and (g) the Minister is satisfied that:

(i) the body; and

(ii) each person who makes, or participates in making, decisions that affect the whole, or a substantial part, of the body’s affairs;

is a fit and proper person.

(2) For the purpose of paragraph (1)(aa), the Minister may determine that a body’s principal purpose is taken to be either or both of the following:

(a) to provide education;

(b) to conduct research;

if the Minister is satisfied that any of the body’s purposes do not conflict with the body’s purpose of providing education and/or conducting research.

(3) The Minister must, in deciding whether he or she is satisfied that a person is a fit and proper person, take into account the matters specified in an instrument under subsection (4). The Minister may take into account any other matters he or she considers relevant.

(4) The Minister must, by legislative instrument, specify matters for the purposes of subsection (3).