Tax Laws Amendment (2013 Measures No. 2) Act 2013 (124 of 2013)

Schedule 1   Monthly PAYG instalments

Part 1   Main amendments

Taxation Administration Act 1953

9   After section 45-61 in Schedule 1


45-65 Meaning of instalment month

For an income year (whether it ends on 30 June or not), the following are instalment months :

(a) the month that starts on the first day of the income year;

(b) each subsequent month.

Note: For the meaning of month , see section 2G of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.

45-67 When monthly instalments are due - payers of monthly instalments

You are not a deferred BAS payer

(1) If you are a *monthly payer, the instalment for an *instalment month that you are liable to pay is due on or before the 21st day of the next instalment month.

(2) If:

(a) subsection (1) would, but for this subsection, have applied to you in relation to an *instalment month; but

(b) you are a *deferred BAS payer on the 21st day of the next instalment month;

the instalment for the month mentioned in paragraph (a) is instead due on or before:

(c) the 28th day of that next instalment month unless that next instalment month is January; or

(d) if that next instalment month is January - the next 28 February.

Note: If you are the head company of a consolidated group to which Subdivision 45-Q applies, the instalment is due on or before the 21st day of that next month: see section 45-715 (as it has effect because of section 45-703).