Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2016 Measures No. 2) Act 2017 (15 of 2017)

Schedule 3   Cars for display by public institutions

A New Tax System (Luxury Car Tax) Act 1999

4   After subsection 15-35(3)


(3A) You have an increasing luxury car tax adjustment if:

(a) you *imported a *luxury car; and

(b) no luxury car tax was payable on the importation because of paragraph 7-10(3)(ba); and

(c) either:

(i) you use the car (or permit it to be used), and that use would have prevented that paragraph applying if it had been your purpose in importing the car; or

(ii) you supply the car to another entity.

(3B) However, subparagraph (3A)(c)(ii) does not apply if luxury car tax would, because of paragraph 7-10(3)(ba), not have been payable if the other entity had instead *imported the car for the same purpose as its purpose in acquiring the car from you.