Legislation Amendment (Sunsetting Review and Other Measures) Act 2018 (78 of 2018)

Schedule 2   Other measures

Part 1   Main amendments

Division 1   Amendments commencing day after Royal Assent

Legislation Act 2003
6   Subsections 12(2) and (3)

Repeal the subsections, substitute:

Retrospective application

(2) However, if a legislative instrument or notifiable instrument, or a provision of such an instrument, commences before the instrument is registered, the instrument or provision does not apply in relation to a person (other than the Commonwealth or an authority of the Commonwealth) to the extent that as a result of that commencement:

(a) the person's rights as at the time the instrument is registered would be affected so as to disadvantage the person; or

(b) liabilities would be imposed on the person in respect of anything done or omitted to be done before the instrument is registered.