Financial Sector Reform (Hayne Royal Commission Response - Better Advice) Act 2021 (115 of 2021)

Schedule 1   Initial amendments

Part 1   Main amendments

Corporations Act 2001

72   Paragraphs 922Q(2)(u) and (v)

Repeal the paragraphs, substitute:

(u) information about the educational qualifications of, and any training courses completed by, the relevant provider (but not courses completed in accordance with a CPD provision), to the extent that the qualifications and training courses are relevant to the provision of financial services;

(ua) whether a registration of the relevant provider is in force under subsection 921ZC(1);

(ub) whether the relevant provider provides, or is to provide, a tax (financial) advice service;

(uc) if an instrument of a kind prescribed by regulations made for the purposes of subsection (3) is given to, or made in relation to, the relevant provider - details of the instrument;

(ud) if a Financial Services and Credit Panel gives the relevant provider an infringement notice and the relevant provider pays the amount stated in the notice before the end of the payment period for the notice - all of the following:

(i) details of the notice;

(ii) a statement that the relevant provider has complied with the notice;

(iii) a statement that compliance with the notice is not an admission of guilt or liability;

(iv) a statement that the relevant provider is not regarded as having contravened the provision specified in the notice;

(ue) any declaration under section 1317E that the relevant provider has contravened a restricted civil penalty provision;