Product Ruling

PR 1999/95W

Income tax and fringe benefits tax: Product Rulings system

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Notice of Withdrawal

Product Ruling PR 1999/95 is withdrawn with effect from today.

1. Product Ruling PR 1999/95 outlined the Product Ruling system and the relevant administrative laws that apply.

2. Product Ruling PR 1999/95 is being replaced by Product Ruling PR 2007/71.

3. The replacement ruling:

takes into account changes in legislation and relevant court decisions since PR 1999/95 was issued;
sets out what a Product Ruling is; and
updates the requirements for submitting a Product Ruling application.

Commissioner of Taxation
25 July 2007


ATO references:
NO 2006/20258

ISSN: 1441-1172

Subject References:
product rulings
public rulings
taxation administration

Legislative References:
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PR 1999/95W history
  Date: Version: Change:
  13 October 1999 Original ruling  
  5 April 2006 Consolidated ruling Addendum
  17 January 2007 Consolidated ruling Addendum
You are here 25 July 2007 Withdrawn