Product Ruling

PR 2000/1W

Income tax: Great Southern Blue Gum Plantations 2000/2001 Projects

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may be releasedFOI number: I 1021175


This Ruling has been withdrawn on 14 June 2000 replaced by PR 2000/73.

Commissioner of Taxation
2 February 2000

Not previously issued in draft form

This Ruling has been replaced by PR 2000/73.


ATO references:
NO 99/1954-6; 99/5304-3

ISSN 1441-1172

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Subject References:
carrying on a business
commencement of business
fee expenses
interest expenses
management fees expenses
producing assessable income
product rulings
public rulings
schemes and shams
taxation administration
tax avoidance

Legislative References:
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ITAA 1936 82KZM
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PR 2000/1W history
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  2 February 2000 Original ruling  
You are here 14 June 2000 Withdrawn