Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994


Division 13.5 - Reconsideration and review of decisions  


13.25(1)   [Time limit for request]  

If a person is dissatisfied with a reviewable decision (other than a decision made by the Regulator under this regulation), the person may give notice in writing to the Regulator within:

(a) the period of 21 days after the day on which the person first receives notice of the decision; or

(b) such further period as the Regulator reasonably allows;

requesting the Regulator to reconsider the decision.

13.25(2)   [Reasons for request]  

The person must set out in the notice the reasons for the request.

13.25(3)   [Reconsideration]  

Subject to subregulation (4), the Regulator must reconsider the decision and may:

(a) confirm the decision; or

(b) vary or revoke the decision.

13.25(4)   [Deemed confirmation of decision]  

If the Regulator does not confirm, vary or revoke the decision before the end of the period of 60 days after the day on which the Regulator received the request, the Regulator is taken to have confirmed the decision under subregulation (3) at the end of that period.

13.25(5)   [Notification of Commissioner of Taxation]  

If the Regulator varies or revokes a decision made under regulation 12.12 , 12.13 or 12.14 , the Regulator must give written notice of the variation or revocation to the Commissioner of Taxation.

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