A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Regulations 2019

Chapter 3 - The exemptions  

Part 3-1 - Supplies that are not taxable supplies  

Division 40 - Input taxed supplies  

Subdivision 40-A - Financial supplies  

SECTION 40-5.10   40-5.10   Incidental financial supplies  
If something is supplied by an entity to a recipient directly in connection with a financial supply to the recipient by the entity, the thing is an incidental financial supply if:

(a) it is incidental to the financial supply; and

(b) it and the financial supply are supplied, at or about the same time, but not for separate consideration; and

(c) it is the usual practice of the entity to supply the thing, or similar things, and the financial supply together in the ordinary course of the entity ' s enterprise.


Section 40-5.12 does not apply in relation to incidental financial supplies. As a result, if something is both an incidental financial supply and within the scope of an item in the table in section 40-5.12 , it will still be a financial supply.


Advice, for which a separate charge is not made, in relation to a housing loan.

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