A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Regulations 2019

Chapter 4 - The special rules  

Part 4-1 - Special rules mainly about particular ways entities are organised  

Division 51 - GST joint ventures  

Subdivision 51-A - Formation of and participation in GST joint ventures  

SECTION 51-5.01   Specified purposes for GST joint ventures  

For the purposes of paragraph 51-5(1)(a) of the Act, each of the following purposes are specified:

(a) research and development;

(b) the provision of insurance, other than life insurance;

(c) fishing;

(d) agriculture;

(e) cultivation, or exploitation, of timber;

(f) design, or building, or maintenance, of residential or commercial premises;

(g) civil engineering, including the design, construction and maintenance of roads, railways, bridges, canals, dams, ports, harbours, airports and similar installations;

(h) generation, or transmission, or distribution, of electricity;

(i) transmission, or distribution, of water;

(j) receipt, or storage, or distribution, of oil and gas products;

(k) refining, or processing, of oil and gas products;

(l) beneficiation of minerals and primary metal production, including alloy production;

(m) charitable activities;

(n) transportation.

If a joint venture is a joint venture for more than one of the purposes specified in subsection (1) or paragraph 51-5(1)(a) of the Act, the combination of those purposes is specified as a purpose.

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