A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Regulations 2019

Schedule 2 - Examples of financial supply  


See section 40-5.11 .

CLAUSE 8   8   Examples for item 9 of the table in subsection 40-5.09(3) (currency)  
A supply mentioned, or a supply of something mentioned, in the following table that relates to the matter mentioned in item 9 of the table in subsection 40-5.09(3) , or to an incidental financial supply, is an example of a supply of an interest in or under that matter, or of an incidental financial supply.

Item Examples
1 Foreign currency in cash form
2 Foreign currency drafts
3 Travellers cheques
4 International cheques
5 Collection, negotiation and endorsement of instruments (including cheques) for payment in foreign currency, including message services
6 Forward contracts for transactions to buy or sell foreign currency
7 Options to buy or sell foreign currency
8 Conversion of Australian currency into foreign currency and conversion of foreign currency into Australian currency

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