Wool Tax (Administration) Act 1964 [ REPEALED]

Part XII - Miscellaneous  

SECTION 89 [Repealed by 101 of 2006]   Books, accounts etc.  

For the purposes of this Act, a person who carries on business as a wool-broker or a manufacturer, is a wool-dealer or exports any wool shall:

(a) keep in the English language books or accounts recording particulars of all acts, transactions and operations in connexion with any wool, including the price received or paid for the wool;

(b) preserve any such books or accounts for a period of 5 years after the completion of the acts, transactions or operations to which they relate; and

(c) preserve any documents or papers relating to any acts, transactions or operations in connexion with wool for a period of 5 years after the completion of the acts, transactions or operations.

Penalty: 30 penalty units.

Note 1:

See section 4AA of the Crimes Act 1914 for the current value of a penalty unit.

Note 2:

There is an administrative penalty if you do not keep or retain records as required by this section: see section 288-25 in Schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 .

An offence under subsection (1) is an offence of strict liability .


For strict liability , see section 6.1 of the Criminal Code .

This section does not require the preservation by a person of any books, accounts, documents or papers:

(a) in respect of which the Commissioner has notified the person that their preservation is not required; or

(b) of a company that has gone into liquidation and has been finally dissolved.


A defendant bears an evidential burden in relation to the matters in subsection (2), see subsection 13.3(3) of the Criminal Code .

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