Energy Grants (Credits) Scheme Act 2003 (Repealed)

Part 2 - Interpretation  

Division 3 - Definitions used only in off-road credits Part  

Subdivision C - Primary production  

SECTION 22 (Repealed by 73 of 2006)   Agriculture  

(1)   Agriculture  

Subject to subsection (2), the expression agriculture means:

(a) the cultivation of the soil; or

(b) the cultivation or gathering in of crops; or

(c) the rearing of live-stock; or

(d) viticulture, horticulture, pasturage or apiculture;

and includes:

(e) a live-stock activity; or

(f) an agricultural soil/water activity; or

(g) an agricultural construction activity; or

(h) an agricultural waste activity; or

(i) a sundry agricultural activity.

The expression agriculture does not include:

(a) fishing operations or forestry; or

(b) an activity referred to in subsection (1) (other than hunting or trapping that is carried on for the purposes of a business, including the storage of any carcasses or skins obtained from the hunting or trapping) unless the activity is carried out for the purposes of, or for purposes that will directly benefit, a business undertaken to obtain produce for sale.

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