Energy Grants (Credits) Scheme Act 2003 [ Repealed]

Part 2 - Interpretation  

Division 3 - Definitions used only in off-road credits Part  

Subdivision C - Primary production  

SECTION 23 [Repealed by 73 of 2006]   Live-stock activity and live-stock  

(1)   Live-stock activities  

The expression live-stock activity means:

(a) the shearing or cutting of hair or fleece of live-stock, or the milking of live-stock, carried out on an agricultural property; or

(b) the transporting of live-stock to an agricultural property:

(i) for the purpose of rearing; or

(ii) for the purpose of agistment; or

(c) the return journey from a place referred to in paragraph (b) of the vehicles or equipment used in transporting the live-stock, if that journey is for the purpose of later carrying out the transportation referred to in paragraph (b) or for the backloading of raw materials or consumables for use in a core agricultural activity; or

(d) the mustering of live-stock undertaken:

(i) by a person who carries on a core agricultural activity; or

(ii) by a person contracted by that person to carry out the mustering;
on the agricultural property where the core agricultural activity is carried on.

The agricultural activities referred to in paragraph (d) are given an expanded meaning by subsection 28(2) .

(2)   Live-stock  

The expression live-stock includes any animal reared for the production of food, fibres, skins, fur or feathers, or for its use in the farming of land.

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