124(1)   [Prescribed classes of persons]  

For the purposes of section 162 of the Act -

(a) tourists and temporary residents are prescribed classes of persons; and

(b) the prescribed classes of goods are:

(i) specialised equipment or tools to be used in exploration, production, manufacture, repair or modification, and included in a class of goods mentioned in paragraph 125(2)(a); and

(ii) (Omitted by SR No 30 of 2001.)

(iii) goods imported for use at a public exhibition or entertainment, not being cinematograph films of a kind usually used for profit, or theatrical costumes, scenery or property; and

(iv) testing or evaluation equipment; and

(c) the prescribed purposes for goods are testing and evaluation of those goods.

124(2)   [Application for permission]  

An application for the permission of the Collector under section 162 of the Act must be in the approved form.

124(3)   [Where permission granted]  

A person must not export goods for which a permission has been granted under subsection 162(1) of the Act unless:

(a) the person has given to the Collector a notice of intention to export the goods; and

(b) the goods have been brought into a prescribed place for export.

124(4)   [Payment of duty before disposal of goods]  

Except with the consent of a Collector, a person to whom permission has been granted under subsection 162(1) of the Act to take delivery of goods shall not, unless a security referred to in that subsection given for the payment of the duty on those goods has been enforced according to its tenor or the amount of that duty has otherwise been paid or recovered -

(a) lend, sell, pledge, mortgage, hire, give away or exchange those goods;

(b) part with possession of those goods otherwise than by way of, or for the purposes of, the exportation of those goods;

(c) otherwise dispose of those goods; or

(d) in any way alter those goods.

124(5)   [Definition of ``prescribed place'']  

In this regulation:

"prescribed place"
means a place prescribed for paragraph 30(1)(d) of the Act.

Note Regulation 23 mentions the prescribed places.

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