99(1)   [Document delivery methods]  

A document referred to in subsection 119D(1) of the Act may be sent to the relevant officer in accordance with that subsection:

(a) if the document is a documentary export entry - by giving the document to a person employed at an authorised Australia Post outlet, for delivery to Customs; or

(b) if the document is a documentary withdrawal of an export entry - by:

(i) transmitting the document to Customs by fax at a fax number specified by Customs for the purpose; or

(ii) posting the document by pre-paid post to a postal address specified by Customs for the purpose.

99(2)   [Time stamp on receipt]  

An officer referred to in subsection 119D(1) of the Act who receives a document of a kind referred to in that subsection must promptly apply to the document a stamp denoting the time when the officer received it.

99(3)   [Effect of time stamp]  

A document to which a stamp has been applied under subregulation (2) is taken, for the purposes of subsection 119D(1) of the Act, to have been communicated to Customs at the time of receipt denoted by the stamp.

99(4)   [Interpretation]  

In this regulation, authorised Australia Post outlet means an outlet:

(a) owned and operated by Australia Post; or

(b) licensed by Australia Post to a third party licensee, and operated by a licensee or manager who meets the `Gatekeeper' criteria for accreditation of registration authorities managed by the Australian Government Information Management Office.

Note 1

A list of Australia Post outlets that operate the `Gatekeeper' system may be found at

Note 2

Information about the `Gatekeeper' system may be found at the following website in the document ``Gatekeeper Criteria for Accreditation of Registration Authorities'':

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