House of Representatives

Product Stewardship (Oil) (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2000

Second Reading Speech

Stone, Dr Sharman, MP (Murray, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, LP, Government)

I move:

That the bill be now read a second time.

The Product Stewardship (Oil) (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2000 is the third and last piece of amending legislation making up the government's legislative package on product stewardship for waste oil.

The legislative mechanism which sets out the terms and conditions of the benefit payments prescribed under provisions of the Product Stewardship (Oil) Act 2000 will be the Products Grants and Benefits Act 2000. Minor amendments to this act, the Excise Act 1901 and the Taxation Administration Act 1953, are necessary to bring the oil product stewardship benefit payments and levy collection into line with other excise programs.

The Australian Taxation Office will pay benefits to eligible recyclers. The rate of product stewardship benefit that is payable for a particular use of waste oil will be set by regulations, issued under the authority of the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, under a provision of the Product Stewardship (Oil) Bill 2000.

A claimant for product stewardship benefits will need to satisfy a number of requirements. The Commissioner of Taxation must be satisfied that a recycler holds both a licence as a manufacturer of excisable goods under section 34 of the Excise Act 1901 and an Australian business number. The claimant must also demonstrate that all necessary licences, permits and approvals to operate the business are held as required by relevant state and territory environmental protection agencies.

The Product Grants and Benefits Act 2000 contains provisions against contrived schemes. This will safeguard appropriate use of benefits and is consistent with other taxation legislation designed to prevent rorting and cheating of benefit systems. This act provides adequate penalties and safeguards to protect public funds and prevent abuse of the product stewardship arrangements.

I commend the bill.