Taxation Determination

TD 93/81W

Income tax: capital gains: a taxpayer owns pre-CGT land and trees. The taxpayer sells timber according to two post-CGT contracts:

a contract for granting the purchaser of the timber the right to enter the taxpayer's property over a period of time and remove timber as and when required; and
a contract for the sale of the uncut timber.

How is the sale treated for capital gains tax purposes?

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Notice of Withdrawal

Taxation Determination TD 93/81 is withdrawn with effect from today.

1. TD 93/81 explains that for CGT purposes the transactions of a grant of a right to remove timber and the sale of the timber over two separate contracts together constitute the granting of a profit à prendre.

2. TD 93/81 is being withdrawn to form part of a consolidated Determination on the tax treatment of the grant of an easement, profit à prendre or licence over an asset.

3. The issue covered by TD 93/81 is now covered in Taxation Determination TD 2018/15 Income tax: capital gains: does CGT event D1 happen if a taxpayer grants an easement, profit à prendre or licence over an asset?

Commissioner of Taxation
31 October 2018


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Previously issued as Draft TD 93/D66


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NO 1-A61P18P

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