Taxation Determination

TD 94/20W

Income tax: is a lease acceptable if it is based on a $1 residual value or if the lease is for the useful life of the asset?

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may be releasedFOI number: I 1217119

Notice of Withdrawal

Taxation Determination TD 94/20 is withdrawn with effect from 1 July 2001.

The position adopted by the Commissioner in this Determination is under review having regard to the commencement of the new Division 40 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 on 1 July 2001.

Commissioner of Taxation
29 June 2001

Previously issued as Draft TD 93/D157.


ATO references:
NO NAT 93/195-1

ISSN 1038 - 8982

Related Rulings/Determinations:

TD 93/142
IT 28
IT 2594

Subject References:
residual values

Legislative References:
ITAA 51(1)

Case References:
F.C. of T. v. Ballarat & Western Victoria T.V. Ltd
78 ATC 4630
9 ATR 274

TD 94/20W history
  Date: Version: Change:
  17 March 1994 Original ruling  
You are here 29 June 2001 Withdrawn