Customs Act 1901


Amended by:

Customers Amendment (Miscellaneous Measures) Act 2013 (assent 30/03/2013)

Explanatory Memorandum - REPS
Second Reading Speech - REPS


Commenced Action Note
31/03/2013 Amend Title 'Part XVI - Regulations and by-laws'

Customs Legislation Amendment and Repeal (International Trade Modernisation) Act 2001 (assent 20/07/2001)

Explanatory Memorandum - SEN
Second Reading Speech - REPS


Commenced Action Note
1/07/2002 Amend "Title 'Part XVI - Regulations,by-laws and business rules"
1/07/2002 Amend Title 'Part XVI - Regulations,by-laws and business rules'