Income Tax Assessment Act 1936


Amended by:

Treasury Laws Amendment (Mutual Reforms) Act 2019 (assent 5/4/2019)

Explanatory Memorandum - REPS
Second Reading Speech - SEN


Commenced Action Note
06/04/2019 Amend Renumbered as 121AC(1)

Taxation Laws Amendment Act (No. 4) 1995 (assent 16/12/1995)

Explanatory Memorandum - SEN
Supplementary Explanatory Memorandum - SEN
FURTHER Supplementary Explanatory Memorandum - SEN
Second Reading Speech - Consideration resumed from 28 September. - REPS
Second Reading - The SEN


Commenced Action Note
16/12/1995 Insert Inserted definition of "mutual affiliate company"