Part IAB - Controlled operations  

Division 2 - Authorisation of controlled operations  

Subdivision C - Variations of authorities by nominated Tribunal member: extensions beyond 3 months  

SECTION 15GX   Form of variation of formal authority  

A variation of a formal authority by a nominated Tribunal member (whether formal or urgent) must:

(a) identify the controlled operation to which the authority relates; and

(b) state the name and position of the person varying the authority; and

(c) state the name of the applicant; and

(d) state whether the application for the variation was a formal variation application or an urgent variation application; and

(e) state the date and time when the variation of authority is or was granted; and

(f) state the period of the extension.

The period of the extension:

(a) must not exceed the period that would result in the period of effect of the authority exceeding 24 months (including any previous extensions under this Subdivision or Subdivision B ); and

(b) must not exceed:

(i) in the case of a formal variation of authority - 3 months; and

(ii) in the case of an urgent variation of authority - 7 days.

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