Part IAB - Controlled operations  

Division 3 - Protection from criminal responsibility and related provisions  

Subdivision B - Controlled operations under a corresponding State controlled operations law  

SECTION 15HI   15HI   Effect of section 15HH on other laws relating to criminal investigation  

Section 15HH does not apply to a person's conduct that is, or could have been, authorised under a Commonwealth law or a law of a State or Territory relating to the following:

(a) arrest or detention of individuals;

(b) searches of individuals;

(c) entry onto, or searches or inspection of, premises;

(d) searches, inspections or seizures of other property;

(e) forensic procedure;

(f) electronic surveillance devices or telecommunications interception;

(g) identification procedures;

(h) the acquisition or use of assumed identities;

(i) any other matter concerning powers of criminal investigation.

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