Freedom of Information Act 1982


Division 4 - IC review applications  

Subdivision B - Time limits  

SECTION 54T   IC review applications - extension of time  

Application for extension of time

A person may apply to the Information Commissioner for an extension of time for making an IC review application.

The Information Commissioner may extend the time if the Information Commissioner is satisfied that it is reasonable in all the circumstances to do so.

The time for making an IC review application may be extended under this section although the period mentioned in section 54S has ended.

Requirement to notify

Before determining an application under subsection (1), the Information Commissioner may require the IC review applicant to give notice of the application to a specified person or persons that the Information Commissioner considers is affected by the application.

Person may oppose application

A person to whom notice is given under subsection (4) may notify the Information Commissioner in writing that he or she opposes the application under subsection (1). The person must do so within the time required by the Information Commissioner.

Reasonable opportunity to be heard

If notice is given under subsection (5), the Information Commissioner must give the IC review applicant and the person to whom notice has been given under subsection (4) a reasonable opportunity to present their cases before determining the application under subsection (1).

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