Freedom of Information Act 1982


Division 6 - Procedure in IC review  

SECTION 55G   Procedure in IC review - revocation or variation of access refusal decision  

An agency or Minister may vary (or set aside and substitute) an access refusal decision (the original decision ) in relation to a request or an application under section 48 at any time during an IC review of the access refusal decision if the variation or substitution (the revised decision ) would have an effect of:

(a) giving access to a document in accordance with the request; or

(b) relieving the IC review applicant from liability to pay a charge; or

(c) requiring a record of personal information to be amended or annotated in accordance with the application.


When making the revised decision, a consultation requirement under section 26A (documents affecting Commonwealth-State relations etc.), 27 (business documents) or 27A (documents affecting personal privacy) may apply.

If an agency or Minister varies (or sets aside and substitutes) an access refusal decision under subsection (1):

(a) the agency or Minister must, in writing, notify the Information Commissioner as soon as practicable after the agency or Minister makes the variation or substitution; and

(b) the Information Commissioner must deal with the IC review application for review of the original decision as if it were an IC review application for the review of the varied or substituted decision, subject otherwise to this Part.

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