Freedom of Information Act 1982


Division 1 - Guide to this Part  


7A   Information publication scheme - guide  

This Part establishes an information publication scheme for agencies.

Each agency must publish a plan showing how it proposes to implement this Part.

An agency must publish a range of information including information about what the agency does and the way it does it, as well as information dealt with or used in the course of its operations, some of which is called operational information.

In addition, an agency may publish other information held by the agency.

Information published by an agency must be kept accurate, up-to-date and complete.

An agency is not required to publish exempt matter. An agency is also not required to publish information if prohibited by another enactment.

The information (or details of how to access the information) must be published on a website. If there is a charge for accessing the information, the agency must publish details of the charge.

An agency must, in conjunction with the Information Commissioner, review the operation of the scheme in the agency every 5 years (if not earlier).

An agency must have regard to the objects of this Act, and guidelines issued by the Information Commissioner, in doing anything for the purposes of this Part.

If operational information is not published in accordance with this Part, a person must not be subjected to any prejudice as a result of not having access to the information.

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