Income Tax Assessment Act 1997



Division 58 - Capital allowances for depreciating assets previously owned by an exempt entity  

Subdivision 58-B - Calculating decline in value of privatised assets under Division 40  

SECTION 58-85   Pre-existing audited book value of depreciating asset  

A *privatised asset has a pre-existing audited book value if:

(a) a balance sheet, as at the end of an annual accounting period (the balance date ), that was prepared as part of the final accounts of the Commonwealth, a State, a Territory or an *exempt entity for that period showed the asset as an asset of the relevant entity and specified a value for it; and

(b) a qualified independent auditor who was engaged, or was required by law, to undertake an audit of those accounts had prepared and signed, before 4 August 1997, a final audit report on those accounts; and

(c) the report did not state that the auditor was not satisfied that the specified value fairly represented the value of the asset.

The asset is taken to have had a pre-existing audited book value at the balance date of an amount equal to the specified value.

If a balance sheet did not specify a value for the asset but specified a total value for 2 or more assets including the asset, the balance sheet is taken to have specified as the value of the asset so much of that total value as is reasonably attributable to the asset.

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