Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 2 - Grants for higher education assistance etc  


Division 38 - Indigenous student assistance grants  

SECTION 38-15   Guidelines may provide for grants  

The Indigenous Student Assistance Grants Guidelines may provide for one or more grants to *Table A providers and *Table B providers for purposes specified in subsection 38-10(1) .

If the Indigenous Student Assistance Grants Guidelines provide for one or more grants of a particular type, the guidelines may also specify all or any of the following matters for the grants:

(a) the grants ' objectives;

(b) the extra conditions of eligibility to receive the grants;

(c) the amount, being part of the amount referred to in section 38-45 for a year, that will be spent on grants of that type in that particular year;

(d) the indexation of that amount for subsequent years, using the method of indexation set out in Part 5-6 ;

(e) the amounts of the grants, or the methods by which the amounts of the grants will be determined;

(f) the year or years in respect of which the grants are payable;

(g) the conditions that apply to the grants.

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