Income Tax Assessment Act 1997



Division 974 - Debt and equity interests  

Subdivision 974-A - General  

SECTION 974-1   What this Division is about  

This Division tells you whether an interest is a debt interest, or an equity interest, for tax purposes. An interest that could be characterised as both a debt interest and an equity interest will be treated as a debt interest for tax purposes (except for certain interests that fund returns on equity interests).

Whether an interest is a debt interest or an equity interest matters because returns on debt interests are not frankable but may be deductible while returns on equity interests are not deductible but may be frankable.

This Division extends beyond shares the range of interests that are recognised as equity in a company. An interest that is an equity interest in a company but is not a share will be treated in the same way as a share for some tax purposes (particularly in relation to the determination of the tax treatment of returns on the interest).

This Division also tells you how to work out which distributions made in respect of a non-share equity interest in a company will be non-share dividends and which will be non-share capital returns. Those that are non-share dividends will be treated, for most tax purposes, in the same way as dividends.

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