Payments made to members of the Stolen Generations in Victoria

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This publication was current at March 2022.

Payments you receive - what you need to know

This fact sheet provides tax guidance about the lump sum payments you receive from the Victorian Government as a Stolen Generations member.

The Victorian Government will provide payments under:

the Stolen Generations Reparations Package, and
the Stolen Generations Funeral Fund.

Are payments you receive taxable?

No. The lump sum payments you receive from the Victorian Government as a Stolen Generations member are not taxable.

How do you complete your tax return (if a tax return is necessary)?

You do not need to show these payments in your tax return because they are not taxable.

More information

For more information see:

Taxation Ruling TR 95/35 Income tax: capital gains: treatment of compensation receipts
Class Ruling CR 2016/86 Income tax: assessable income: payments received under the South Australian Stolen Generations Reparations Scheme

CR 2016/86 applies to South Australian payments but the same principles apply to similar payments made in other Australian states and territories.

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Date of publication:  27 April 2022