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Episode 44 – New to business

Last updated 1 May 2023

In this episode of Tax inVoice, podcast host David Jepsen is joined by Assistant Commissioner of Small Business Experience Andrew Watson to discuss tips on starting a new business, what tax and super obligations need to be met and the helpful resources available to all business owners.

Your operations are considered a business activity if your work is planned, repeatedly conducted in a businesslike manner and undertaken with the intent of making a profit.

To start your new business on the right foot, make sure to do research and plan out your approach. This will assist in deciding on a business structure, what records need to be kept and the best method to meet your tax and super obligations.

The ATO has a number of resources available to assist new business owners and help them succeed in their new ventures.

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Media: Tax inVoice Episode 44: New to Business Link (Duration: 13:58)